Monday, April 27, 2009

Perez Continues to Struggle

It was a mixed weekend for the Mets, as they took the first two of three from the Nats, but then lost the third in a very disappointing fashion. Santana did his usual striking out the 6 in the first two innings on Friday; Pelfrey bounced back nicely after skipping a start last week.

Perez however continues to be a disaster. Oliver was all over the place walking 3 and giving up 9 hits in 4 and a third innings. This brings Oliver to 4 bad starts to begin the season, and with the Mets just signing him to a 3 year $36 million contract this offseason it limits the team mightily.

As of now the Mets need to keep running Oliver out there every 5 days, and in the mean time Dan Wearthen will be working with him in between starts. The Mets simply don’t have the starting depth to move Perez to the pen or to send him to the minors, and with his contract status Omar the Mets can’t pay him to sit.

At this point his contract alone gives him another few starts to get it together. His next two starts will come against the Phillies, the first on the road, the second coming at Citi. The Phillies are a predominately left hand hitting lineup with Howard, Utley, and Ibanez making up the core. If Perez is to rebound it should be here, he has always thrived well under pressure, which obviously games against the Phillies always are, and he has pitched will against Philadelphia in the past.

Perez’s third start will come against the Bravos at Citi. By then the Mets will have had a much better look, and more time to make a decision. Tim Redding is getting healthy and pitching will in Florida, he could be ready by the end of May.

In the mean time the Mets turn their attention to the Marlins for a three game set at Citi. Pitching for the Mets will be John Maine, Livan Hernandez, and Johan Santana. Two important starts for Maine and Livan as they’re coming off poor outings in their last appearances. Santana will be going up against Josh Johnson, which last time around led to a great pitchers duel which was lost on Murphy’s dropped fly ball that led to two unearned runs.

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