Friday, April 24, 2009

Mets vs Nationals this Weekend

Tonight the Mets open a three get set with the Nationals at Citi.

Tonight’s starters are Johan Santana (2-1, 0.46) vs. Scott Olsen (0-2, 9.00)

Olsen will be the first LHP starter the Mets have faced this year, and as so Jerry Manuel hinted last night that he would give both Daniel Murphy and Ryan Church the night off, starting Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield in their stead.

With both Sheff and Tatis in the outfield it will seriously weaken the team’s defense. Tatis really isn’t much of an upgrade at all over Murphy, and Sheff is a far weaker defensive player than Church.

Now as much as Jerry wants to get at bats for Tatis and Sheffield I’d rather see Church out in right and give Delgado his first night off of the season and put Tatis at first. Now I know Sheff has experience at first as well, but we really need to see if he can play a competent outfield, keep in mind he is still auditioning out there.

Saturday’s game will see Mike Pelfrey against Daniel Cabrera, the former Oriole with great stuff but no control.

To wrap up the series Oliver Perez will matchup with Jordan Zimmermann, one of the Young Nats prospects who pitched very well as the winning pitcher in his debut against the Bravos.

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