Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perez Searching for Help

CBS is reporting that in an effort to help Oliver Perez, Jerry Manuel has the pitcher throw live batting practice yesterday. He faced batters from both sides of the plated including both David Wright and Ryan Church.

Clearly Manual is willing to try anything at this point. Instead of a normal in between bullpen session he is hoping that facing live hitters will let Oliver get a better handle on his control.

With his next start coming this Saturday against the Phillies, Perez really needs to impress the Mets’ coaching staff for him to remain in the rotation, and possibly the majors. However, he has shown no sign what so ever that he is getting any better.

Oliver himself still has no idea what is causing his problems, whether they be mental or physical. His stint in the WBC definitely retarded his preparation for the start of the season, but already a month in he should be showing signs of improvement, so it is entirely more likely that it’s a mental issue and a trip to the minors to work it out is probably the best course of action for both him and the organization.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manuel Mismanages Pen Again

A hugely disappointing loss for the Mets last night, as they bullpen went back to last year and blew a save opportunity. Livan who threw 5.1 innings and only 91 pitches was taken out in what was a precarious decision by Manuel. Parnell allowed an inherited run, and then Sean Green entered the game in the seventh and let up 4 runs.

This is now the third close game Green has come into and given up runs, yesterday it being the clear difference in the game. I think clearly his job of pitching the seventh to set up Putz and K-Rod is over. Let Parnell or Stokes or even Feliciano have a crack at it.

Lastly Brian Stokes came in to clean up after Green, he pitched 1.2 great innings only giving up one hit. So with two outs in the top of the ninth in a three run game with a man on first Manuel brings in Feliciano? Why? What a waste of an outing. This is the problem with Manuel, just like Randoph, he has no idea how to manage a bullpen. Let the guys pitch. Let Livan pitch into the seventh. Let relievers finish innings. At this rate the Mets are going to run into the same late season problem they had last year, a tired over-worked bullpen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Last Chance for Ollie?

ESPN is reporting that Oliver Perez will be making one more start this weekend against the Phillies, and that if he does not perform well it could be his last for the foreseeable future. As we reported yesterday the next few starts for Pelfrey, Perez, and Maine were crucial. Maine and Pelfrey both pitched extremely well and got wins, Perez got shelled.

Perez for now seems to be completely lost on the mound. He’s more erratic than usual, and his pitches don’t seem to be fooling any hitters, not even lefties. It simply comes down to the question of whether or not the Mets can count on him, and what in Jerry’s mind would be considered a successful start.

If Perez gets beat up again the Mets have limited options to go to at this point. Nelson Figueroa, Dillon Gee, and Jonathon Niese are available at Buffalo. Figueroa is not a long term solution, as he proved last year. At best he’s good for a spot start here and there. As for Gee and Niese, they’ve both struggled so far this year and don’t appear to be ready for the majors yet.

Tim Redding is still a few weeks away, and has looked good in extended spring training, so it is unlikely that the Mets will look for an option outside of the organization. So you have to beg the question, what will Jerry do if Oliver continues to get beat, the Mets certainly don’t have the depth, and for $36 million it probably makes the most sense to give him more than one start with Redding a few weeks away.

Odds and Ends from Last Night

Solid game for the Mets last night, as the Marlins continued to scuffle as they couldn’t figure out John Maine who had easily his best performance of the young season.

Maine who through 6 very strong innings only gave up one hit and one unearned run, which occurred because of another dropped fly ball in left field, this time by Gary Sheffield.

Couple of injury notes as Carlos Delgado has a sore hip, which will be checked out today. Hopefully it isn’t as serious as the hip problems he has last year which caused a dreadful start. Luis Castillo also left the game, due to back spasms, after legging out an infield hit. Castillo who has been absolutely on fire is said to be day to day, but if he needs to sit out longer it would be a big loss for the Mets, as Alex Cora has yet to prove he can it.

Overall thought the Mets offense looked really good, stranding only 4 of their 11 runners. Sheffield and Wright both came through with rbi hits in the first which is definitely a good sign. Santos it his first hr of his career, a grand slam, however Carlos Beltran had a slow day for him, going only 1 for 4 with a run scored.

On a side note, after having sampled some of the food out in center field, it really amazes me how good it is, and for a New York ballpark, and reasonably priced it is. Last night had the Tacos from the Taqueria and they were really fantastic, especially the steak taco. Shake Shack also is great, as it’s the same as in Madison Square Park, just a more limited menu. Tonight perhaps Blue Smoke.