Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Last Chance for Ollie?

ESPN is reporting that Oliver Perez will be making one more start this weekend against the Phillies, and that if he does not perform well it could be his last for the foreseeable future. As we reported yesterday the next few starts for Pelfrey, Perez, and Maine were crucial. Maine and Pelfrey both pitched extremely well and got wins, Perez got shelled.

Perez for now seems to be completely lost on the mound. He’s more erratic than usual, and his pitches don’t seem to be fooling any hitters, not even lefties. It simply comes down to the question of whether or not the Mets can count on him, and what in Jerry’s mind would be considered a successful start.

If Perez gets beat up again the Mets have limited options to go to at this point. Nelson Figueroa, Dillon Gee, and Jonathon Niese are available at Buffalo. Figueroa is not a long term solution, as he proved last year. At best he’s good for a spot start here and there. As for Gee and Niese, they’ve both struggled so far this year and don’t appear to be ready for the majors yet.

Tim Redding is still a few weeks away, and has looked good in extended spring training, so it is unlikely that the Mets will look for an option outside of the organization. So you have to beg the question, what will Jerry do if Oliver continues to get beat, the Mets certainly don’t have the depth, and for $36 million it probably makes the most sense to give him more than one start with Redding a few weeks away.

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