Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Manuel Mismanages Pen Again

A hugely disappointing loss for the Mets last night, as they bullpen went back to last year and blew a save opportunity. Livan who threw 5.1 innings and only 91 pitches was taken out in what was a precarious decision by Manuel. Parnell allowed an inherited run, and then Sean Green entered the game in the seventh and let up 4 runs.

This is now the third close game Green has come into and given up runs, yesterday it being the clear difference in the game. I think clearly his job of pitching the seventh to set up Putz and K-Rod is over. Let Parnell or Stokes or even Feliciano have a crack at it.

Lastly Brian Stokes came in to clean up after Green, he pitched 1.2 great innings only giving up one hit. So with two outs in the top of the ninth in a three run game with a man on first Manuel brings in Feliciano? Why? What a waste of an outing. This is the problem with Manuel, just like Randoph, he has no idea how to manage a bullpen. Let the guys pitch. Let Livan pitch into the seventh. Let relievers finish innings. At this rate the Mets are going to run into the same late season problem they had last year, a tired over-worked bullpen.

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