Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perez Searching for Help

CBS is reporting that in an effort to help Oliver Perez, Jerry Manuel has the pitcher throw live batting practice yesterday. He faced batters from both sides of the plated including both David Wright and Ryan Church.

Clearly Manual is willing to try anything at this point. Instead of a normal in between bullpen session he is hoping that facing live hitters will let Oliver get a better handle on his control.

With his next start coming this Saturday against the Phillies, Perez really needs to impress the Mets’ coaching staff for him to remain in the rotation, and possibly the majors. However, he has shown no sign what so ever that he is getting any better.

Oliver himself still has no idea what is causing his problems, whether they be mental or physical. His stint in the WBC definitely retarded his preparation for the start of the season, but already a month in he should be showing signs of improvement, so it is entirely more likely that it’s a mental issue and a trip to the minors to work it out is probably the best course of action for both him and the organization.

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