Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisive Game for the Mets

Jerry Manuel just posted his lineup for the game today, and as he said yesterday Wright and Beltran have swapped places in the batting order, and Sheffield, Cora, and Santos will play for Murphy, Castillo, and Castro. Cora will bat second.

With it being Livan’s turn on the mound, other than Santana, it seems like the Mets are poised to get out of this three game skid. He’s looked consisted so far in his two starts walking only 3 in almost 12 innings of work. As long as he is in the strike zone today, and forcing the Cards to beat him, as opposed to Perez and Maine’s philosophy of pitching around the Cards batters he should be fine. Additionally it is a getaway game this afternoon, so expect the strike zone to be a bit wider than normal.

The Cardinals are also expected to have a day game lineup, so they’re more likely to be a bit over anxious today, which Livan should be able to take advantage of.

With a win today the Mets would nicely transition into what should be 4 or 5 wins over the Mets next 6 as they face the hapless Nationals, and the newly exposed Marlins. Santana will be book ending the two series and it should propel the Mets right to the top of the division.

Hopefully the Mets can make the most out of today and gain some momentum.

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