Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something's Wrong with Wright & the Mets

As young as this season is, it’s quickly becoming the same old story. Last nights loss to the Cards further exposed the young and inept core of the Mets rotation. Furthermore, the team can’t figure out a way to drive in base runners at pretty much any point in the game.

For a team that has 6 starters batting above .300, scoring 4 runs a game is just sad. Last night in his post game interview Jerry Mannuel said that he would be swapping Wright and Beltran in the lineup today, along with the usual day game after a night game substitutions.

Wright, even with his .305 batting average has been having a terrible early go at the plate this year. He’s on pace to strike out 185 times this year, 60% more than his career worst. Between his strikeouts and Citi field’s cavernous outfield it is about time for David to go back to the line drive hitter he was when he first came up. David will not hit 30 home runs again this year, and if all he does is try to he is going to see his average drop below .300 and drive in less than 100 for the first time in any full season.

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