Monday, January 12, 2009

Wagner to be back as early as August

According to WFAN’s Ed Colemn, Billy Wagner is ahead of schedule in his rehab. Coleman who recently spoke to Wager said that the reliever is targeting a comeback sometime in August.

What a great bonus Wagner could be down the stretch for the Mets. The bullpen which last August and September was the most prominent cause for the Mets late season collapse could now become the most feared bullpen in the majors with K-Rod closing, and double barrel action in the seventh and eight innings in JJ Putz and Billy Wagner.

Rounding out the Mets pen appear would be lefty Pedro Feliciano, righthanders Sean Green and Duaner Sanchez, and a long relief man who could be anyone from Brian Stokes, Brandon Knight, Jonathon Niese, or even Pedro Martinez.

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