Monday, January 12, 2009

Reasonable left field options few and far between

Rumors circulating regarding the Mets' interest in former Brewer outfielder Gabe Kapler are no longer relevant as Monday evening the free agent outfielder agreed to a one year deal with the Tampa Rays.

With the Rays signing both Kapler and former Philly Pat Burrell it crosses two outfielders Mets management have considered for filling the vacancy in left field. It’s believed the GM Omar Minaya would like to bring in Manny Ramirez, however the Wilpon’s feel that he would be more of a distraction than anything, and are not interested.

A source with knowledge of the general manager’s office says that the other top free agent left on the market, former Yankee Bobby Abreu, is also not in the Mets' plans. Most likely the Mets will sign a veteran to a minor league contract to increase competition this spring. Names that have been floated are one time Met Jay Payton and former Colorado outfielder Scott Podsednik

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