Monday, January 12, 2009

Mets still looking to round out rotation

The Mets and Braves continue to negotiate with Scott Boras, the agent of Derek Lowe. It’s rumored that the first team to commit to a fourth year will likely sign the free agent pitcher.

Secondary options for the Mets continue to be Oliver Perez and Paul Byrd, however Perez is more likely than Byrd. The Braves are thought to be looking to trade for another starter if they were unable to land Lowe, with Jake Peavy coming back into the mix of possibility.

After the Mets settle their rotation questions they’re expected to turn their attention to adding depth to both the bullpen and outfield. Whether they will go after a hitter to fill the leftfield spot is unknown at this time, and is dependent upon how much the team spends on Lowe, Perez, or whom ever they get to fill the last spot in the rotation, and whether they add any more mid range salaries.

If the Mets don’t bring in a full time leftfielder it’s believed they will platoon Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis until Fernando Martinez is ready for the majors.

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