Monday, January 5, 2009

Lowe Point at Citi?

Back from vacation, along with a dragging news cycle. The Mets have reportedly offered Derek Lowe a three contract. His agent Scott Boras, in an attempt to drive up the Mets’ offer, has stated that he has received numerous offers for Lowe, but won’t confirm where any of them are coming from. The other teams interested in Lowe have been Milwaukee, Boston, and Texas, with Boston being the only team other than the Mets in contention at this point in time.

Lowe, who at the end of the contract will be pushing 40 years of age, has thrown an average of more than 250 innings a year over the last four years will begin to show wear and tear and slow down during any potential upcoming contract.

Another Boras’ client, Oliver Perez, who all Met fans are familiar with could be had at a discount compared to Lowe, and is just entering the prime of his career. In addition it would give the team more payroll flexibility to address the hole in left field.

Unfortunately however, all signs are pointing to the Mets signing Lowe. Sources with knowledge of the of the team’s desires say that Lowe is that Mets’ preferred pitching option, and unless another team offers him a 4 year deal, he will be pitching at Citi come springtime.

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