Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where art thou Manny?

Mark Teixeira is a Yankee. Just makes you wonder what is going on over there. They economy is awful, they’re borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars from a broke city, yet they’ve signed the three largest free agents this year, and have shown no signs of restraint what so ever. It leaves me scratching my head.

One would have to assume the Yankees won’t be pursuing Manny Ramirez, but honestly would you be surprised if they signed him? But for arguments sake let’s assume that the Yankees have reached their limit, and won’t be signing any more big names. With the Angels not interested in Manny, that leaves only the Dodgers with legitimate interest. LA who has already offered Manny a 2 year deal for 45 million, will be even less likely now to increase that offer.

The other suitors for Teixeira won’t be showing interest in Manny, but the Mets who have had discussions about Manny could now be interested if they could sign him to a short term deal.

Sources familiar with Mets’ discussions believe that the team would be willing to sign Manny to play left field, but not for more than two years, which is a far cry from the 4 year deal he’s looking for. At this point the only way Manny is in a Mets uniform next year is if he becomes desperate. All things being equal, he would rather be in LA, but its more likely he’ll be in Yankee pinstripes then patrolling left field in Citi field come spring time.

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