Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yankees to corner the free agent pitching market?

The Yankees have reportedly offered a 5 year deal to pitcher AJ Burnett. This brings into question the Yankees plans. Sources also indicated the Yankees were actively pursuing Derek Lowe, but at this point in time it is unknown if they are looking to add two or three pitchers to their rotation, the first being CC Sabathia.

As the Yankees have shown with the record breaking signing of Sabathia, they are willing to bid whatever it is necessary to land the players they desire. If this continues to be true it appears that they will also offer what is necessary to reel in Burnett. Especially since it is believed that Burnett’s largest motive in choosing a team is salary, as he opted out of a contract with Toronto due to the fact he felt there was more money out there for him through free agency.

With Sabathia and Burnett off the market it leaves Derek Lowe and Ben Sheets as the top pitchers remaining. Sheets who is as serious an injury concern as there is out there has a huge upside if healthy, but has yet to show he can stay healthy for long stretches. Lowe on the other hand is a solid dependable pitcher who can be counted on for 200 innings a year.

The Mets and Braves will likely both be competing for Lowe, and with the Braves rotation uncertainty this coming season they likely will do what is necessary to get a work horse at the front of their rotation. Look for the Braves to outbid the competition if the Yankees decide to pass on Lowe, and for the Mets to go after a more moderately priced free agent pitcher such as Jon Garland or Randy Wolf.

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