Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Case Closed

It’s official, the Mets have signed Francisco Rodriquez to a three year $37 million dollar contract. This completes the Mets number one priority this off season, and they do so with the best available option.

Considering there was speculation that K-Rod would command a contract in the realm of 5 years 75 million this contract looks like a steal for them Mets. K-Rod who turns 27 in January will be under contract till he is 30 and have the opportunity to possibly sign another big contract down the road.

Next for the Mets to focus on is starting pitching. With Oliver Perez and Pedro Martinez filling for free agency the Mets have at least two holes to fill in their rotation. As of now Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, and John Maine slated to be on the staff, with Jonathon Niese competing for the 5th spot.

There has already been speculation that the team is targeting Derek Lowe, but don’t count out a chance to bring back Oliver Perez, who has also been connected to the Cardinals.

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