Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mets still looking to move Heilman

After the Mets turned down the Huston Street proposal from the Rockies (Heilman & Feliciano) the Mets are still looking to move Heilman. Its been suggested that the Rays may be interested in dealing Andy Sonnanstine for Heilman who would fit in nicely in the five spot in the Mets rotation next year.

Sonnanstine who was 13-9 with a 4.38 era in 32 starts last season could see his era drop to below 4 with the likely NL bump that he would see from the trade.

If the trade would go through, the Mets are still expected to go after a free agent pitcher. However they may lower their goals of Derek Lowe and target Jamie Moyer who would be a less expensive, but still dependable option. Thus, allowing the Mets to free up more space for a left fielder such as Raul Ibanez or Bobby Abreu.

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