Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mets Start Road Trip in Embarrassing Fashion

The Mets were embarrassing last night; there is no other way to describe it. Whether it is Dan Murphy’s inability to catch a line drive, Carlos Beltran being afraid to slide, David Wright’s lack of hits with runners on base, Casey Fossum’s lack of control, or Oliver Perez’s desire to give up 4 run leads, it is all pathetic.

Murphy simply can’t get it done in the field. He has below average range, a below average arm, a terrible first step, and just a total lack of confidence with the glove. Yes he has continued to hit, but how long will that last? For the first time yesterday his struggles in the field seemed to transfer over to the offensive side of the game as he was picked off first base by the catcher in the first inning of the game. If that doesn’t happen there the Mets score at least one more run, and possibly end the game before the Cardinals even get to the plate.

Give it another 10 days or so, but with Luis Castillo being extremely productive at the plate in the early goings this year, the Mets have no other place for Murphy then at tripe-A Buffalo.

Last year the Rays went from worst to first because of their defense. The Mariners this year have gotten off to a great start as they now have the best outfield defense in the majors. Murphy is far from an elite hitter, and his defense is clearly going to lose more games for the team then win. Murphy’s plate approach also seems to be affecting Jose Reyes on the bases, as José has only attempted 5 steals so far this season.

As a whole the team seems very lackadaisical, and cannot simply rely on Santana to pitch every 5 days. As early as it is it won’t be long till we start hearing whispers for a new manager, Jerry is on a shorter leash then Randolph was last year.

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