Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minaya Falls Short of a Successful Off-Season

Yesterday on WFAN Omar Minaya said that after the signing of Oliver Perez, “This is the team we’re going with” in response to a question about the Mets possible pursuit of Manny Ramirez. Perez, whose 3 year $36 million deal seemed to put the Mets at or above the budget given to Minaya by the Wilpons, to the point that the Post reported that Minaya is looking to move Ramon Castro to shed his $2.5 million contract for 2009.

You know the economy has really hit the Mets when ownership is worried about spending an additional $2 million or so on a role player. It’s not like Castro hasn’t performed exactly as they expected. They signed him to be the back up for Schneider, and knew he was oft injured as he has been since his career began. But to look to move Castro, a professional hitter with some pop to save a million or two, it just doesn’t seem right.

After the Yankees go out and spend $400 million, with this year’s payroll still approaching $200 million, should the Mets be able, with a brand new stadium, be able to spend a few bucks now while players are available on the cheap?

Minaya addressed the biggest hole in last year’s team, the bullpen. Yes he did a good job, got rid of the likes of Homerun Heilman, and Scott Schoeneweis and brought in hugely talented players in K-Rod and Putz. But the Starting rotation is virtually the same, as the only change is the number five slot which will likely be Tim Redding. The offense is identical, and in fact has gotten worse, as the possible 30 game hit streak of Alou is no longer a possibility.

With Manny, Adam Dunn, Booby Abreu, and Orlando Hudson all available for 10 cents on the dollar, how can the team not address the huge hole in left and at second?

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