Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Citi Field; Nightmare for Hitters

Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue has an interesting article today about how Citi Field is going to be one of the predominate pitchers parks in baseball. His source, Greg Rybarczyk even goes on to call Citi MLB’s new Grand Canyon.

Apparently when HOK was told to design a pitchers park similar to that of Shea, but was unaware that the dimensions listed on the Shea fence might be a bit misleading. Additionally the fences at Citi will be significantly higher than those at Shea (Sorry any Endy Chavez imitators.) Rybarczyk estimates that the fence at Citi requires a ball to travel an additional 10 feet further than one did at Shea to clear the fence. Good news for Johan Santana, as it were those homeruns that hurt him the most last year.

Simon goes on to explain it further, and shows his conversation with Rybarcyzk here.

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rafmkflaw said...

The strange configeration of the right field wall will likely be difficult for outfielders taking balls off the fence. This should prove to be very interesting and even comical as balls will bounce to the left or to the right depending upon where they hit the fence.