Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yanks to sign Sabathia and possibly Lowe as well

Day three is beginning with a bang. CC Sabathia has reportedly signed a 7 year contract worth $170 million with the Yankees. This should set the top of the market and speed up the decisions of other free agent pitchers.

SI has also hinted that the Yankees are likely to also sign Derek Lowe to a multi year deal in the near future. Lowe who had been on the top of the Mets wish list will force them to look elsewhere.

The other top pitching choice is the former Blue Jay’s AJ Burnett. The Mets however don’t seem to be interested in paying as sizeable a contract as the Braves and Red Sox seem to be willing to be. Omar Minaya has said he is interested in bringing back Pedro Martienez, so expect him to be the number 5, with Jonathon Niese making appearances when Pedro inevitably gets hurt.

With Santana, Maine, and Pelfrey slotted as the one through three, Minaya will undoubtedly turn to a middle of the rotation type guy such as a John Garland or Randy Wolf type pitcher. Or you could see them try to bring back Oliver Perez as right now it seems only the Cardinals are interested, but wont be willing to break the bank on him.

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