Friday, December 19, 2008

Red Sox say no to Teixeira

It is a quiet day as the snow piles up outside. Red Sox ownership has said it is pulling out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes. It had been reported that the Red Sox offered Teixeira 8 years $160 million, so his current offer must be massive, similar to an A-Rod deal. The Orioles, Angels, Yankees, and Nationals have all be connected to discussions with Scott Boras, Teixeira’s agent, and their could be a possible fifth team in the mix.

The Nationals are the surprising favorite as they are looking to establish themselves as a legitimate franchise in the DC area, and Teixeira would be the much needed face of the organization. The Nationals are willing to spend the money in order to give their franchise a sense of legitimacy be signing the free agent. Additionally Teixeira is from the Maryland area, and it has been widely believed that he wanted to play at home in Baltimore, which playing for DC would also allow.

The Yankees are unlikely to sign Teixerar as it would cause a problem down the road at first base, as it seems that both Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada will eventually have to move to the position, adding Teixeira, a gold glover, would only complicate the situation.

The Angels are the second most likely landing spot as he finished off last year with the club, and are willing to spend the money necessary to sign him. The Orioles believed to be very interested are hoping to get at home town discount, but are not as willing to give the high priced contract as other clubs are, and with the Nats in the mix at this point it seems unlikely that he will sign with Baltimore

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