Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cameron & Furcal circus coming to an end

So it looks like Rafael Furcal is going to resign with the Dodgers, not go to the Braves, and Mike Cameron won’t be going to the Yankees after all, quite the circus it has been. These developments shouldn’t have much effect on the lackluster Luis Castillo sweepstakes.

ESPN is reporting that since Paul Byrd and Furcal share the same agent, that it could hamper any discussions of the pitcher signing with the Braves. Being that the Mets have listed Byrd as one of their second tier pitching targets, it is good news for the organization. Byrd who would fit nicely in the Mets rotation is an innings eater, and a very consistent pitcher that would fit nicely into the 4 spot in the rotation. Additionally he would be singed for two thirds third the annual salary, and likely half the years that Derek Lowe is demanding.

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