Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O the weather outside is frightful...

It’s December, it’s snowing in New York, and it feels like baseball is an eternity away. No updates on the Mets today, they’re primary goal continues to be getting a starter for the middle of the rotation, followed by a left fielder, and attempting to move Luis Castillo out of town.

Quiet day for the rest of the teams too. The only excitement came as ESPN reported that the Braves were bringing back Rafael Furcal, which was a shock to everyone being that they had yet to express any interest, and Oakland and been throwing dollars his way. However, a few hours after being reported, ESPN retracted their statement and now it seems that Furcal has yet to make a decision, but that the Dodgers, his club last year, also has interest in bringing him back. With the Dodgers and Braves both in contention, it’s likely that Billy Beane will drop out of the bidding. But if the Braves do actually sign him, look for them to get back into the Peavy stakes and put some pressure on the Cubs to make a deal.

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