Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hitter's market slow to develop

The outfielders market has been very slow to develop, as teams continue to wait for the two big ticket position players, Manny Ramirez and Mark Teixeira, to sign with a team. Other than Raul Ibanez, who earlier this week signed with Philadelphia, there has been very little movement on any of the midlevel talent.

According to sources with familiarity of Mets’ discussions, former D-Back Adam Dunn will not be pursued. Pat Burrell and Bobby Abreu remain possibilities, but only in the case of contracts not extending beyond two seasons.

It is believed that the Mets would prefer to sign second basemen Orlando Hudson, and use a stopgap in left field. This would allow Fernando Martinez to slip into the lineup as soon as he is ready. However for the Mets to sign Hudson they would first have to trade Luis Castillo, which is proving to be difficult.

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