Friday, December 12, 2008

Burnett to sign with Yankees

The Yankees have officially cornered the starting pitching market as they have come to terms on a 5 year deal with AJ Burnett. The signing of Burnett leaves only Derek Lowe left as a possible top pitcher for teams to sign.

Other teams rumored to be involved in talks with Burnett were the Braves and Angles. However it is not believed that either of those teams would be interested in signing Derek Lowe as he’s 36 years old, and is looking to sign a 4 year contract.

Ben Sheets also offers an interesting option for teams looking to take a chance on a pitcher with a huge upside, but he has had serious injury issues throughout his career, so he is considered anything but a sure thing.

The Mets have been working on a deal with the Cubs to acquire starting pitcher Jason Marquis from the Cubs, both Scott Schoenewiess and Luis Castillo have been connected to a possible trade. Other pitching option for the Mets include bringing back Oliver Perez, or sign Paul Byrd or Randy Wolf

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