Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mets Starters Struggle

Today makes two bad performances for Mets starters on consecutive days. Yesterday Freddy Garcia gave up two home runs in his first two innings of work, his second poor performance in as many starts. In today’s game Mike Pelfrey gave up an rbi double to the National’s Ryan Zimmerman, and then a two run homer to Nick Johnson. Pelfrey who is expecting to throw two innings today is going out to the mound now for his second inning of work.

Garcia who has been hoping to be the fifth man in the Mets rotation has so far shown the least ability to get ahead of, and retire the hitters that he has faced. With Livan Hernandez showing mediocre stuff and Tim Redding still two weeks behind schedule due to injuries it’s a toss up for who will win the 5th spot. Livan is scheduled to pitch later today.

Additionally the Mets and Johan Santana have been going back and forth over whether they believe Santana will be ready to start the first game of the season. Pretty much its gonna be wait and see.

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