Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bowden is Running the Nats further into the Ground

You have to begin to question Jim Bowden’s skills as a general manager. He took over a Reds team one year removed from winning the world series in 1992, after being the GM there for over a decade absolutely destroyed a proud franchise by getting them to the playoffs only once, leaving them in shambles after being fired in 2003. The team is just now starting to produce some good young talent, none of which have the finger prints of Bowden.

Taking over the Expos in 2004 he has done nothing but hurt the Expos/Nationals organization. Today’s signing of Adam Dunn is no different. Why spend $20 million in this market on a defensively challenged outfielder when you pitching is abominable.

The Nats enter this season with by far and away the worst starting rotation in the majors. Headlined by former Marlin Scott Olsen the rotation is a whose who of pitchers with control problems and histories of ineptness.

In addition to player that lack talent and are injury prone (i.e. Nick Johnson & Ryan Zimmerman) the Nationals roster has quite the cast of head cases. In addition to Scott Olsen who is known as much for his club house fights with Miguel Cabrera as he is for being a ball player, the two starting out fielders outside of Adam Dunn are Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes.

Bowden who continues to fill his roster with former Reds and major league misfits is going to have a pretty tough job getting his team out of the NL East cellar, and probably will be fired by years end.

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