Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring training invites to include Pedro

According to the Mets have extended spring training invitations to former Red Sox pitcher Casey Fossum, and former Dodger Tom Martin. It’s also rumored that an invitation was give to Pedro Martinez, but he is still looking for a major league contract.

As of now the only other team mentioned in contract discussions with Pedro was the Marlins, but it’s believed to be that they are no longer interested. If Pedro is unable to get a major league contract, it is thought that he will take the Mets invitation if he is feeling healthy, and thinks he will be able to make the rotation.

As of now he would be competing with Tim Redding for the five spot, but if the Mets are unable to bring in Oliver Perez to fill the final spot in the rotation, and the team is forced to go with a lower profile candidate Pedro would have a better shot. It is unknown if Pedro would be willing to work out of the bullpen,

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