Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Meetings Get Under Way

Off to Vegas and so far no deals have happened.

The Mets continue to be in prime position to land one of the top three closers on the free agent market (Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, or Kerry Wood) as they have proposed contracts out to all three, with the first to accept being the choice.

K-Rod is the obvious favorite as its been suggested he'll receive a two year deal with a player option for a third at around 12 million per year, but Wood's proposed deal is said to be estimated at two years at no more than 9 million per year makes him very intriguing as he may have the highest ceiling of the three.

Luis Castillo watch is still ongoing as the Mets are desperate to unload his boondoggle of a contract, but at this point there had been no interest at all. Looks like it'll be another year of failed rehab attempts for Luis, with Daniel Murphy being the top candidate to take the position this spring, assuming the Mets can fill the vacancy in left field.

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