Monday, December 15, 2008

Slow Monday

It’s been a slow Monday following a week full of action. The Mets continue to be in contact with the agents of various free agent pitchers, and are having discussions with both the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers in possible deals for starters.

The likelihood of any trade would be either a salary dump, or an exchange of an overpaid player, most likely Luis Castillo.

As it stands the Mets are uncertain about their left fielder and second basemen. Daniel Murphy is a possibility for both positions, with Castillo being the other option at second base. In leftfield newly acquired Jeremy Reed is a possibility, as are Nick Evans and Fernando Tatis, however none of them are considered to be serious options as full time players. Looming in the minor leagues is the Mets top hitting prospect Fernando Martienez, however he isn’t considered to be ready to be a full time player as of yet, and unless he has an great spring, don’t expect to see him in the majors anytime before the all-star break

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